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The cost of the ProHealth Diet is $600 for 12 weeks of our entire program WITH a personal coach!
We can accomplish a LOT during that amount time.  We strive for an average of 3-5 pounds lost per week for our women and 5-7 for our men.  Come enjoy our safe yet speedy process to conquer your goals!

You can choose to pay the $600 all upfront OR we have a payment plan for $50/week for 12 weeks.
Either way you will get the same awesome support!

The other expenses for you to plan for are:

1.  Approximately $2.50 per meal
2.  $2 per day in vitamins
3. Less than $5 per month in salt

Pick your plan AND prepare to WIN!
Item Price
ProHealth Full Pay (12 weeks)
12 Payments of $50
Transform Your Health & Happiness

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